The Icebergs by Frederic Edwin Church 1861

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Frederic Edwin Church 1861

Frederic is an American landscape painter. His teacher was  Thomas Cole who founded of the Hudson River School of painting in the state of New York. Thomas focused on New England's raw and rustic mountains and valleys. Frederic was independently wealthy and could have been trained in Europe but decided to be American trained.



America was being torn apart by the slave debate in 1860 and 1861. November 1860 Abraham Lincoln becomes president of the United States. South Carolina leaves from the Union in December 1860 and many more follow in 1861.


February 1, 1861 the Governor of Texas, Sam Houston walks out of the capital when the Texas legislature votes to secede the Union. The people of Texas ratified secession by 3 to 1 on February 23, 1861, and on March 18, 1861 Sam Houston is removed as Governor for opposing secession and the Confederacy.


April 12, 1861 the American Civil War began. Church's painting displayed for the public in New York April 24, 1861 and was originally called "The North--Church's Picture of Icebergs". The New York viewers were charged 25 cents for the benefit the Union's Patriotic Fund.


In 1863 Church changed it's name to it's current title "The Icebergs" for it's London showings because England was sympathetic to the Confederate cause. There it was purchased by Sir Edward William Watkin, a railroad magnate and member of England's Parliament.


A picture and it's title is worth a 1000 unspoken words.

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